Learn to swim, learn to swim…

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Last Saturday, we planned to take a leap, diving head first in the mainframe to navigate the internet’s deep waters… it’s Ok, learning to swim is a common phrase amongst our circle. Trials and error, preparation and test couldn’t prepare for the real deal. Unsettling to play with emotion in front of the unknown, imagining the state of a silent army of voyeur. Couch critics from around the world potentially unleashed.

Pointing fingers is another trait of a fringe part of our circle. We did it anyway 1-2-3, camera rolling… Doubts disappeared as the music filled the room. It became a hybrid experience between a live concert and our mundane weekly rehearsal. The songs were selected and we had that pacing. No visual support or atmospheric audio transition. No gimmick to Hyde behind (minus our stage outfit… ) we felt that people tuning in would appreciate that little element of surprise and acknowledge our dedication to be a tribute after all.

Well, the livestream has been online for a couple of days, giving us the chance to go over the comments and respond. We are relatively happy with the overall performance and most attendees seem to have been even more indulgent than us, giving us a lot of positive feedback and some even donated (thank you very much for those contributions, we are always re-investing in the project to be able to offer the best tribute experience. We are totally indépendant and our development is still ongoing, investment are required and it is humbling to see that people see a value in this project.) If it Takes a village to raise a kid, it takes a strong following to raise a Tribute band.

It is now time to think about the next steps…

Things are moving in the shadow, concerts are being organized and we will make announcement soon. Some are already announced, We’ll let you dig in the web to find them. See you on a stage near you 🌀