Like one would hope, but never really expect to see in a place like this

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October 1st 2022 – Theatre Fairmount

Last night there was a hundred people waiting in line on park avenue to access the Theatre Fairmount. The door were about to open when received the final numbers : over 350 tickets were sold for the event. By far, the most attendees to any single show we did so far…

Rewind six months ago , when we first presented our show in a venue (La Boîte in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu ). We were for the first time stepping out of the small bar gig. A large stage , decent lighting system, a giant display screen , a riser for our tiny Carey and a riser for our cheap Maynard…

Finally we were offering the spectacle we envisioned in our mind. We soon realized that in order to repeat this experience in Montreal, we would need to think bigger, take the risk that in the proper venue like this one, Tool fans would be interested to spend an evening with a tribute band. We took the leap of faith and booked ourselves at the Theatre Fairmount.

Fast forward a few months ago, we were still on the lookout for a great opening act for this show. We struggled to find a perfect fit and we decided that this October 1st event could be even more memorable for us if we took a second leap and invited musicians that we truly admire (they are mentors in their own way for two of our members) to open for our show with their prog tribute band. To our surprise, they counter-offered by offering to un-earth and old rage against the machine Tribute they once had years ago. A Tool/RATM split bill was indeed a better fit and oh my god , we now had all the pieces !

Back to last night: As we were patiently waiting to step on stage. The boys of renegades of funk were killing it (literally playing killing in the name second to last, saving bulls on parade for last … people went nuts !) The change-over between the bands went flawlessly and here we were, ready for our turn under the spotlights. We curated a strong setlist , and played every notes of every songs with all our hearts. We made mistakes here and there, those seems to be unavoidable unfortunately, we aren’t half-gods apparently but the crowd was forgiving, stayed with us, participating and singing loud. Thank you !

After 2 and half hours of bliss , we had to say goodbye , goddam shit the…

Until next time, Spiral out 🌀