A 7empest must be just that

May 20th 2023 – Le Ministère, Montreal, QC

We comfort ourselves in routine, tradition, superstitions. We pack our gear in a certain way, position the stage and patch the cable in a certain order. It’s reassuring, help us maintain a certain control on what’s to come. We try to chill during the hours that seperates soundcheck and showtime, give ourselves the final cues and a final group fistbump.

The next 3 hours will be spent mostly alone in our respective musical universe, relying mostly on our muscle memory to get us thru the 10000 time-measure change. Two years in , we are now like fingers to a hand, leaves to a tree, bees to a hive; each accomplishing our little task. We don’t see what the crowd see, we don’t hear what they hear either, but eyes open or closed we do see feel when we are fully locking in the groove and punching the punches, we know when it feels right. We know those pieces fit, we made that puzzle with success many times before but it doesn’t take much to see it tumble. We’ve struggled in the past to react to those hiccups in our matrix, when one drift off or rushes in.

Not on Saturday, we acted as one organism, pushing and pulling in unison. We each experience this moment differently but something bigger than the sum of its parts clearly takes form when on stage. Our feeling is that something of the same nature happens to our listeners, we see sparks in the eyes ,smiles and fist in air. We see reaction when a few starting notes of a favorite song are played and roar when it ends the right way.

We really enjoy that, we are happy that people join us in this silly journey with us… a TOOL tribute , what a foolish idea! We rarely play in our hometown, this was somehow grandiose for our scale and we didn’t want it any other way. A 7empest must be just that?

It’s time to put an end to the traditional post-show editorial that allows us to close a chapter in order to prepare the next in Cornwall at the iconic Port Theatre.

Spiral Out🌀🖤🌀