And this wasn’t all in my head…

We were looking forward to this day of April 9, 2022. We remember very well the day we were approached to bring our show to La Boîte. Having never heard of this place, we were curious, and did our research and it was clear that this place was a perfect fit to deliver the Parabolus Complete Tool Experience.

We’re always ready to adapt to any situation, but isn’t it nice to know that there won’t be any technical headaches during the preparation? When all the pieces fit together and work together, the energy saved is redirected to our performance and everyone wins.

The SPL Sonorisation team are seasoned stage professionals, and contributed to making this evening live up to our expectations, and those of the people who attended the performance. We immediately made friends with La Boite and its partners, and we will work together to partner with them again in the near future.

As we waited patiently backstage, the excitement was palpable as we could hear the room filling up. Nine o’clock, the time had come and everything was as we hoped; fantastic sound, light effects, a receptive crowd… Magical moments have been created in this room.

The majority of people in the room saw our performance for the first time, some had even traveled several hundred kilometers. It is in Parabolus philosophy to wish to meet the expectations of Tool fans, and hope that everyone had a great evening, and your post-show comments were in line with this. Thank you. Thanks to the SPL Sonorisation team and our photographer David MacVicar, we were able to capture a good number of video sequences and photos of this evening which we will share over the next few weeks.

In conclusion, it was an evening that we will remember for a long time, and which allowed us to legitimize the initial intention of the project, that is to say; offer “The Complete Tool Experience”

We have a feeling that our next stop at the Port Theater in Cornwall will also be worthy of any Tool fans who attend. 🌀