Breathe in Union Breathe.

It was a cold night of November, the moon was high in the sky, full and bright, some say an eclipse might have occurred while we were on stage…it would have been interesting to witness it.

Meanwhile, Inside, the ambiance was warm and cozy with everyone well seated and ready to appreciate the music. The Intimate settings of small bar performances are reminiscent of Tool’s debut era so we deliberately decided to step away from the big projection, and extravagant light show… the focus was put on the music itself, our musicianship, and our performances. We crafted 2 distinct sets for the occasion, going from Raw ’90s to the present. Most attendees were new to our project and anxious to see our delivery. We were pleased to see and hear their reaction as the show went on, singing along during and whistling between songs. The overwhelming demand for an encore caught us by surprise and kept us on stage 15min extra. We all share that Tool passion and I know some people were happy to find like-minded individuals in the room. We and others made new friends, and we will keep this bond alive. It was a night to remember for us, thank you all. We hope to see some of you on the other side of the island in December… Ste-Therese, Get Ready!