Trust in me and drive as well…

According to Tom , the weather wasn’t supposed to be an issue… one thing less to worry about. We happily packed and took the road under a bright blue sky. Here we are pretending to be a touring band for a weekend. Another milestone for our little project now travelling 817.8km (equivalent to 508.15 miles) away from our mothership studio… to entertain some fellow Tool fans !

Calculate what you will ,but this is the further west that 3 of us ever been to! We were summon to the Rustr Music Hall in Sarnia and we were welcomed as brothers to the family. We couldn’t ask for a more perfect place to perform. What matters to us is not the width of the stage or the light rig on the ceiling. Perfect is a place with a spirit , a venue with a soul of its own, a regular gathering spot for likeminded people, a live music venue that is alive because it is loved by many. Bil, Mike, Whitey, it was a pleasure to entertain your crowd.

It set the bar really high for our second show on Saturday. The legendary Rockpile was waiting for us.

Again, we found a unique venue with a truly Rock spirit. In the hand of the local famous soundman Jake , we took the stage for the quickest soundcheck of our young career. It sounded HUGE but loud and clear both for us and our friend of Sticks N Stones who gracefully warmed the crowd for us. These youngsters rocked a balanced set of original songs and some great covers. Again, our first shared stage … first change-over went flawlessly , great to be surrounded by pros!

It was our turn to rock and we we amazed that people gather right in front of the stage , ready to enjoy up-close our 2hr+ performance. Signing along all those famous parts, whistling in unison and shouting songs name between songs … everything we come to expect from tool fans right! But this time it was a little more people than before, whistling higher than previously and shouting louder than ever. As we did in Sarnia, we connected with many after the show , we’ve collected comments and distributed handshakes and high fives. Some pictures were taken , we haven’t seen them online yet but they’re out there…

We left the GTA early morning , physically tired , some would say drained, but so Full of hope for what’s next with this project.

Other miles will be travelled and other milestones will be crossed. So now , where to go from here ? Any suggestions ? 🌀