But you’re pushing and shoving me…

September 9th – The Rockpile

It is now literally , 10 to 2am. Once again , a full moon illuminates the Toronto sky. (We should get use to this by now , our concerts schedule seems to be in phase with this luminescent confident.) We are drifting away from The Rockpile and heading to our hotel. The radio is barely audible and we are all completely silent. The adrenaline kicked out moments ago trading place with a certain contemplative state. We always try to bring something new to our performances, switching song orders and adding new ones when we feel comfortable enough. We challenged ourselves tonight, adding 2 new songs. Many hours went on these in the last few weeks, and there was a reward to reap. Songs get played, more often than other, some seems mandatory for a tribute to be faithful, and some are probably in the optional category. Those fell right in between, the reception was fantastic even though we could’ve played them better. In the morning we will debrief and decide if we will play them again at Rüstr Music Hall in Sarnia. Tomorrow is another day , another show. Time to close our eyes and get some deserved rest.

September 10th – Rüstr Music Hall

Bright and early, we are ready for another show day. Touring is also a chance to discover new part of our beautiful country, so we spent a couple of hours enjoying the scenery on the shore of Lake Huron. We sucked in all the beauty while our ear got filled with the sound of the tide breaking at our feet. Bill was waiting for us and we were pleased to see him again behind the board at the Rüstr Music Hall. The return of our circus side show was awaited by many that attended our first gig there in march. One peak at the crowd , most of them proudly wearing a Tool Shirt , we knew we were about to have their full attention for the next few hours ! We went on stage and played every single song we could . Adding 6 to our official setlist. We truly got fueled by the crowd energy and it made for one memorable performance. The long trip back to Montreal will be long but so worth it .

Until next time … Spiral out 🌀