Can’t breathe right now, it was so real…

October 22nd 2022 – Brass Monkey

Once again, we are back on the road, heading toward the National Capital. Awating for us, A place familiar by name but where we’hadnt set foot before. We were welcomed by Lars, a man of few words yet nothing more was needed to understand we were teaming up with a seasoned sound professional. Our stage setup is always evolving and we know this can create unexptected technical roadblocks but we knew we were in good hands.

We always manage to perform in less than perfect condition, and we came to expect that it had to be the rule. However we now understand a little more how to turn these into exceptions with a key element: Time. Let’s take all the time we need to obtain the optimal setup, And that is what we did.

We rarely felt as relaxed as we did Saturday night, patiently waiting in the wall-to-wall sharpie drawings covered Artist room locally called the “D**k Room”. All the squiggles have been made by Brass Monkey’s past headliners, we recognized a lot including some we personally know. We felt we were at the right place and the right time.

We are always pleased to see that TOOL fans are curious to give a tribute band the opportunity. Very excited to step out of that room and take the stage. Nine O’clock sharp came along, now is our time. We, one by one , walken thru the crowd to reach to stage. Parabolus Fake Adam leading the way to let resonate the Lateralus intro riff. The rythm section soon followed to reach the climax entrance of our face-painted Fake Maynard.

The crowd took a few seconds to really understand what was happening. Then the first moments of excitement got released. Our theory is that the brains need to adjust and find the balance between sound memories, visual expectations and the reality of what they see and hear.

Yes, Parabolus isn’t Tool, and never will be, however we each interpret our persona honestly without imitating. We will play the songs passionately but rarely perfectly (although we are working hard to achieve it). The results is a genuine show that captures the essential of why WE love Tool, and it usually resonates with others like-mind individuals.

Once again, we were pleased to find over hundred-fifty of them gathered in this venue to share this moment with us. The energy we felt coming back to us after every song is a reward we never take for granted but is a powerful fuel for us to reach in and give it our all. We played 2 sets, 19 songs from all albums, 181min of Tool music is this what every persons presents had in mind when coming in?

“Don’t know, Won’t know. Can’t remember what they said”

So long Ottawa , we wish you well Until next time, Spiral out 🌀🖤🌀