Drags me down like some sweet gravity

Ultimately, the moon will have been the confidante of our four tightrope walkers, who rushed without a net on a tightrope. It was dangerous to aim so high and to want to offer so much and this, without restraint after such a long break.

This rope can be seen as a metaphor representing a crimped weave of trust interwoven with rifts in muscle memory.

Our passion took over our reason and drove our decision to tackle this marathon this way. But whatever, we all agreed: 22 songs, 3 hours of TOOL, period.

With the generous participation of an image enthusiast, we concluded that it was appropriate to film the show from a new angle. This association alone was reason enough to mark this date of August 13 as a defining moment for the project. We are impatient to see the fruits of this work, which we will take the time to let mature.

We were happy to see several people who have followed our journey since our beginnings. However, and true to tradition, the audience was mostly made up of new faces, new souls curious to discover our humble project. The comments received lead us to believe that we made the right decision by playing for so long!

We have regained our strength and are ready to tackle the following challenges…

Next meeting in Montreal, October 1st at the Fairmount Theater where the Tool Experience will be COMPLETE.

Until then, we will share Tool’s music with our Western neighbors.