Piranha Bar – Montreal, QC (Terra Inoculum Tour)
August 13, 2022
9:00 pm
Montréal, QC
Piranha Bar
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Prévente/Presale – $20 Click Here!
Porte/Door – $25


Terra Inoculum tour

Music is a form of collective expression. Regardless of the style, the key pieces always remain the same. Several bands challenge listeners by offering alterations to the known conventions and thus distinguish themselves with their contemporary or progressive music, but few are those who derive more than a success of esteem.

The success of TOOL lies in a perfect tension between vulnerability expressed in lyrical ways or through their sonic exploration, juxtaposed with wild and often complex rhythmic dynamics. A musical catalog in constant reinvention from their grunge beginnings until today.

The success of GOJIRA’s music lies in an almost surgical execution and a concern for respecting a legendary style that of Thrash Metal. Making no structural compromises to please the unconverted, the band also managed to convey a certain vulnerability with highly aggressive pieces.

The cornerstone of these two bands resides in their respective drummer who are among the most influential of their generation. Both bands are also known for clever lyrics that encourage listeners to look deeper and question current issues.

We are proud to present a show that will bring together fans of these two cult bands to celebrate their works that made them our respective inspirations.

Les Enfants Sauvages
Pirhana Bar