In this holy experience, Choosing to be here in

February 11th 2023 – Le Murdoch, Sherbrooke, QC

The first visits are the most memorable, and the Eastern Townships awaited us with open arms in a packed Murdoch.

Gathering in large numbers often adds some discomfort due to proximity. Recent years have accustomed us to the meter distance, a crowd elbow to elbow now seemed a vestige of the past. It was nevertheless a common phenomenon of shows from another era, and it was interesting that we could experience it in our turn. We had planned an old-fashioned show, without elaborate visual support. A raw performance to highlight an amalgam of energetic songs drawn far from the group’s repertoire, and this is what we presented without interruption for nearly three hours.

Maintaining that high level of energy was a tall order but having a dense crowd literally inches from us was a catalyst and a source of motivation. We chained songs that are familiar to us and others that we had never delivered Live before, a feeling of being exposed and vulnerable in front of the TOOL connoisseurs. We lived a unique moment and the comments collected lead us to believe that the pleasure was shared. Now, many also want to see a larger-scale show with a more elaborate staging as we are also capable of. We heard you and wanted to come back to Sherbrooke to offer you this, as soon as possible.

Spiral Out🌀🖤🌀