Lurch into the fray Weapon out and belly in

If we play the exercise to sum up each of our concert so far with one word, last night can be referred to as a night of Resilience. It was announced but we all wished it wouldn’t manifest as predicted. We woke up on Saturday to watch the weather had indeed changed. The first ice storm of the season had hit the city and that usually put people either in a really bad mood or simply in a hibernating state for a day. But we know better , Tool fans are resilient and we expected some warriors would fight the elements to escape the mundane and join us. The MonteCristo stage would finally offer us the desired setup for our concert by allowing us the possibility to add a projection behind our « Maynard » , painted in blue for the occasion. A little power outage minutes before the show played tricks on us, reminding us that we shouldn’t rely on technology too much. We adjusted in a blink what we could and went on with some unavoidable insecurities but the music quickly brought us back to our comfort zone, 4 person channeling a common vibration. A person acted in the shadow last night, away from the spotlight but deeply impacted the concert nonetheless by removing some weight from our shoulders. We welcome you to our little circle Sir. We wanna thank everyone who braved Mother Nature to support us. Our journey is only beginning and already we have loyal followers and we couldn’t thank you enough for coming back. Many were newcomers yesterday and we hope you had a good time and that we will see you again. We will be back soon, this project is meant to gather people around our interest for TOOL’s music… isn’t it great to share this connection IRL , away from social media’s and forums ! 🙂 Spiral out