Reach out and beyond.

Last Friday, many strangers gathered at L’Hémisphère Gauche, a little venue on Beaubien street in Montreal. Despite having only watched a few teaser videos online or simply an event post, some drove many miles hoping to be entertained.

Their love for Tool’s music wasn’t their only common denominator. We could see that they were all in search of the sacred feeling that only Live shows can bring. The precise moments when your full body experiences the vibrations from both sounds and lights. When your senses are overwhelmed and your mind plays the best tricks on you, blending past memories with present feelings into one converging point. It reaches your center and spread as goosebumps from your spine to your fingertips… Our humble delivery of some songs managed to create a similar reaction and we feel honored to have collected those kinds of comments from you, music lovers. That’s what drives us and this project. Thank you. Reach out and Beyond