Shine on benevolent Star…

March 10th 2023 – El Mocambo, Toronto, ON

The F*cking Elmo

There are venues and there are Venues ! We appreciate every opportunity to go play and we can adapt to almost anything. We have simple requirements to have a great night: a stage, electricity to plug our gears and a crowd . Last night we got more than that; a high ceiling, a vast stage, an immense led display screen, a next level artist dressing room and a crowd of true Tool fans. In addition, the light rig able to hang our newly crafted heptagram star above the stage. (Thx to Pat!) It looked better than we expected and really tied the stage together. The Tool experience was indeed complete. Thank you to the El Mocambo to provide artists with state-of-the-art technology and the hard work of Andre behind the board, we looked and sounded better than ever. For those who attended that show, we thank you very much and truly hope you enjoyed your night. Special thanks to Steve for making this happen for us, to the El Mocambo team hospitality and especially to the management that took a gamble with us and our little circus side show. Looking forward to play again in the near future.

Our journey continues, next stop Sarnia…


March 11th 2023 – Rustr Music Hall, Sarnia, ON

Whitey’s Big Bday Bash

The Rustr is our home far far away from home, and a proof that a long-distance relationship can work out when the feelings are strong on both sides. We returned to a comfort zone, a room where we already created memories and where we are comfortable spiraling with Mike, Bil, Whitey, Scott, and whole crew at the Rustr. There is something special about that place for us, every visit we are proud to present a different evolution of our show to a returning crowd of connoisseurs, that are expecting the best of us. With restriction on space, minimal stage props and visual, we need to dig deeper to our center. That Heptagram we now install on stage is our statement to the craftsmanship of our idol, we hold it dearly and our not ready to let it go. It represents our dedication and our focus to the project: to always put on the best musical performance possible, aiming for perfection as crazy as it might sound. At Rustr, it seems easier for us to reach to the center and expel our best. If this place was twice as big, we could probably host that many more people, but we would lose that intimacy feeling. We wouldn’t trade it all, we can’t have it any other way, and already looking for the next time.

Spiral Out🌀🖤🌀