Sound the reveille, To be or not to be, Rise…

Life is slowly getting back to normal in our province, and we are pleased to see people finally emerging from their hibernation state of the last 2years, inoculating the fear of you know what. Last night was an occasion for some music junkies to come get a much needed booster. The doctor prescribed a 147minutes of Tool for those who dared to cross the line and showed up at LVSM (a really nice venue on the south shore of Montreal).

We were pleased to see familiar faces un-masked for the first time , and meet new ones. We beaten drums , plucked strings and hold screams to spread these parables. We found avid listeners of all ages and might even have converted a few of them. To be the messengers of a so-called godlike band music, It is our mission, we accepted it and always proceed with honor.

We follow our wind and will , and may just go where we are needed. Let the light guide us all .🌀