Sound the reveille…

April 28th 2023 – Taverne 666, Rimouski, QC / April 29th 2023 – La Source de la Martinière, Québec, QC

Back on the highway, our last getaway weekend of the season is coming to an end.

Our next live appearances will be closer to home. We won’t miss the hotel’s checkout routine, the pit stops that cuts right in two the long distances between the cities we visit. But we have to admit this is always a fair trade. “TOOL” fans can be found anywhere, in small and big cities. So far places like Rimouski and especially Quebec are giving us more feedback than most crowd, helping us refueling our desire to keep spiraling.

The energy we leave on those stages is a reflection of the passion we feel in the crowd, the claps and clamor between songs, the hi-fives and fist bumps but especially the sing-along. TOOL’s music is our connection to another matrix, a gateway to the source, how we choose to become ONE for a moment, elevated above the turbulences of our daily grind.

We then met Raynald, a Neil Peart lookalike, on the shore of the river. He had some time and wisdom to share. According to him, we don’t necessarily need all of this, it is possible to be HIGH on Life itself if we recognize that the gateway can be anything. A landscape, a memory or that sunset before us. These words resonated in our relaxed minds. Indeed, many things can lead to the light, but his piccolo dissonant melody surely isn’t one to sound the reveille…

Spiral Out🌀🖤🌀