Taken all you can, taken all you can, we can take

With the winter cold now firmly in place, the holiday frenzy over, a certain blues sets in in January. It’s hard to keep your spirits up, but what better than a concert to get together and see that we’re all alive! For us this weekend did not end with just one but two concerts that made us vibrate. An intimate one, at Le Cerbère de Saint-Jérôme, where it all began. The other, in unknown territory: Quebec City


January 13th 2023 – Le Cerbère, Saint-Jérôme

It was our third visit to Saint-Jérôme, a first to work with Denis on sound, who did a very good job. Each time we manage to attract new people but also several familiar faces to join the crowd on this Friday the 13th. We felt the receptive crowd from the first notes of the show and we transported them as usual through all the eras of the band’s career. The evening ended with a cake, highlighting the birthday of our cheap Maynard. We are not superstitious and everything went perfectly, setting the table for our trip to Quebec.


January 14th 2023 – La Source de la Martinière, Québec

The old capital had been waiting for us for a long time (it was the resumption of a show canceled last summer) and to say that we were impatient to tread the boards of La Source de la Martinière is an understatement. The team on site was also waiting for us, and we were well received. A very beautiful scene, a good sound engineer (thanks Sasha!), an effective and pleasant sound test, a surprising ticket sale (FULL), a photographer to immortalize the moment (thanks Alexis!) … the table was set for a good spectacle ! The crowd at the door was intense at the beginning of the evening, the room was practically at capacity when the group had to cross the room to access the stage. The group was in great shape and the large crowd was electrifying. We had selected a lot of songs and managed to establish a cohesive order, we played them to the best of our abilities, with confidence and a lot of fun. We felt all the love from the audience towards TOOL’s music and all felt a sense of privilege to be the messengers. The table is set for future shows in the region and we look forward to returning in the spring.

Can’t wait for the cold season to end 🙂

Spiral Out🌀🖤🌀