The source is bright and endless

April 21st 2023 – Overtime Sports Bar, Kingston, ON / April 22nd 2023 – The Brass Monkey, Ottawa, ON

The congregation of hopeful and skeptic gathered again to celebrate at Kingston’s Overtime for the first rendezvous, Ottawa’s Brass Monkey for the second coming.

Surprised by the presence of familiar faces ready to put their faith in us to the test for a second time, others probably doubting that the messengers would indeed deliver the message. Observing the attendees behavior’s before the show is always an interesting exercise. Spotting the “TOOL” t-shirt wearers, dropping into conversation about why they like Tool, when and where they saw them live and how it changed their life’s. What’s their favorite album, favorite songs, and will this tribute band be any fun. Some preaching in our favor, touched by a previous performance of our circus side show, still expecting us to raise the bar from their memory. We fuel ourselves in that fountain of doubt and hopes that we share as well. We always take the stage with some insecurities but with confidence that our offering is honest and respectful of the music we love.

This project, It’s calling us.

We have proposed a different set list for each nights, 30 songs combined for 6 hours of Tool was a challenge we were looking forward to, and revealed itself as a satisfying experience. We came to find that we are one band, let the light touch us , let the words spill through , bringing out our hopes and reasons, before the night goes away.

Spiral Out🌀🖤🌀