We are born of one Breath, One Word

We have to know how to adapt to our environment.

What a joy to be on the Cerberus stage, where it all started exactly nine months ago. A slightly crazy project that began humbly in front of our parents and friends in a context of social distancing at the time and which now seems to have metamorphosed into a unifying project for true lovers of this singular music.

It is not easy to propagate the existence of a tribute project, but Parabolus is committed to joining and bringing together all the fans in order to share our common passion: The work of TOOL.

We are blessed to see many new faces at each show and remain honored to see some who choose to re-watch this show more than once.

We are also always eager to perform, at the height of our abilities. However, beyond appearances humbly hides a mixture of talent, hard work and confidence tinged with a level of insecurity during our interpretations. Respect for the work is our cornerstone and we are in constant self-evaluation.

These songs push our limits and make us vibrate in a personal way, but the magic really happens when we all come together in the same tune. In this equation, one of the most imponderable variables remains the energy of the crowd. Will we be able to live up to the expectations of an informed public? Will we be able to provide satisfying entertainment? Saturday evening, on the Cerbère stage, we felt that this energy tipped the scales on the positive side and the show was greatly improved.

When bodies move to the beat of the music and the lyrics come alive as a choir, it’s hard to ignore the power of the music and the communion of a live performance. The songs followed one another bringing waves of emotions and intensities. The hours passed faster than we had anticipated, we savored every second.

We greatly appreciate those who take the time after each show to give us their face-to-face feedback. Our artistic approach requires sacrifice and passion, we do it for our personal development and maybe one day professionally. In the meantime, we are sharing it with an increasingly large audience and each comment gives us the strength and motivation to continue our journey.

We will never thank enough those who take the time to follow us, take the time to read us, take the time to share our existence, take the time to share photos and videos, take the time to interact with us, take the time to incorporate TOOL’s music into your lives and take the time to come share a few hours with us at one of our concerts to celebrate. We are born of one Breath, One Word … And that word for us today is: THANK YOU

PS: October 1, 2022, THE COMPLETE EXPERIENCE show by PARABOLUS not to be missed, the official announcement will be made shortly. We would love to be able to bring together those who discovered us in bars to live the full experience of the show as we imagined it. To put on the agenda as they say.🌀