We take a moment to reminisce about the year that we are wrapping up.

In spring of 2020, we decided to form this project, maybe out of boredom and spare time, but also by curiosity. We set ourselves a list of goals, collectives and individuals, big and small, some achievable, others barely imaginable.

In 2021, we challenged ourselves to bring this project to light, our fear of failure slowly disappeared as we were driven by a sense of purpose. The message underlying TOOL’s music is a call to action and we had to be consequential.

We broke the ice in front of our friends and family this past sept 11th, experiencing the connection, the thrill and the adrenaline of a spectacle. We decided to repeat this monthly, so 3 more shows were booked.

These exposed us to some curious Tool fans of the region and we were pleased to see their reactions and hear their comments. More shows were planned for winter and spring, but it all had to be put on hold due to the current sanitary crisis.

This is an opportunity for us to go back to our bubble and work on the music… as a butterfly, our second coming could be different than our previous state.

If you are reading this , we thank you for supporting us. Every single interaction with you, physical or virtual, is fuel for our passion. We hope you also have something in your life that brings you comfort, happiness, serenity, challenge, passion, pleasure and purpose.

May this new year bring you closer to your aspiration.

Happy 2022 to you.

Spiral Out 🌀