Collaboration Announcement: Cameron Gray

In its beginnings, this project was already intended to be more than a group playing the music of TOOL.

We wanted our passion for music to resonate with others and eventually surround ourselves with talented people who could bring their talents to the project.

We all agree that what makes TOOL unique is its ability to weave all aspects of art into a cohesive whole.

Music is the cornerstone from which all inspiration can blossom into images where complex concepts and mystical references can be expressed.

TOOL has collaborated with many artists over their career including Cam de Leon, Meats Meier, Chet Zar and Adi Granov to name a few, but most notably Alex Grey whose visionary art is a visual expression symbiotic relationship between the band’s music and lyrics since 2001.

In order to define the image of the tribute project, we were looking for a partnership with an inspired and creative artist who would be in harmony with the themes and visions of TOOL. During our research, we discovered the work of a brilliant artist who was also enthusiastic about participating in the Parabolus – Complete TOOL Experience project. Therefore, we are delighted to announce this new collaboration with renowned artist: CAMERON GRAY.

His work is impressive and joins us spontaneously. We invite you to visit his website to see his undeniable talent.

With the existing collaboration with our Graphic Designer, Designer and Concept Artist Karine Borduas-Roy, our future concert posters will now feature selected illustrations of Cameron Gray’s work.

We look forward to showing you the first poster which will be completed shortly.🌀

Website – Parable Visions: Art by Cameron Gray