Spiral Out, Keep going

May 6th 2023 – La Boite, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC

Last Saturday we shared the stage. Out of the many shows we did, it happened only a few times, four times (4) to be exact.

Why so few? Simply because we felt that the common “TOOL” fans would be more inclined to attend knowing that we will play many songs and our three hours marathon-like usual performances gave us that reputation.

Yes, we might still have a little imposter syndrome and overcompensate a little. In short, our show is designed to please and give the appropriate FIX to any Tool fans in a wish to create a buzz to open to bigger venues, and we couldn’t fathom it any other way.

So here we were, scratching our head on How to deliver our known Parabolus experience with an hour less of music and no break. What song to leave aside? We committed to a set list and hope for the best.

It is only at the very moment to step on stage that we realized the value of an opening act. “Le Dernier Assaut” is an original French Garage-Pop band. Their energetic catchy songs are light years away from Prog-Metal-Alternative, yet in the end we share the same goals :”build camaraderie, learn to work together, overcome obstacles, find solutions, create opportunities to offer their music to as many people as possible, gain acceptance, and grow as musician and person.

We all hope this project to be more than a short-lived shooting star but instead a long-lasting “’Météore” spiraling throughout time.

Spiral Out🌀🖤🌀