Watch the weather change…

April 1st 2023 – Salle Jean-Pierre Houde, Chateauguay, QC

We all have our personal journey, our backstory. The series of events that led to the individuals we are today and the role we are playing. Parabolus function as a unit and we rarely put the spotlight toward any of us since we believe that the project is way more than the sums of its parts. Yet, here’s an exception for this entry in our journey journal.

Last Saturday was a milestone in the timeline for one of us. 14 years ago, Simon did his first ever performance on that very stage; a solid interpretation of Metallica’s “Seek and Destroy” armed with his Epiphone Les Paul Jr guitar which he still uses to play Parabol/a and that we affectionally call the “Burstwood”. Following the guitar solo, that fist bump with your teacher is truly symbolic of what was yet to come.

This experience solidified his will to pursue music lessons and he participated alongside his teacher exchanging solo’s on Pink Floyd the following year. During the next 13 years Simon did returned on that stage to show constant progression year after year.

Simon’s talent is equal to his dedication and determination according to his teacher who attended the concert Saturday, and we all agree with him. Many of Simon relatives and friends support our project since the early days, but we can easily imagine the feeling being a little different in this venue where old and new memories collided.

We mention it often, on and off stage, this project is a challenge for all of us to transcends our limitations and grow as musicians and humans. Simon will be an engineer soon, and we all have other professional aspirations, but once a week, we play music and spiral out together with great passion to improve our musicianship.

We are pleased to share the many hours of practice, the hours of travel and especially the hours on stage! Thanks for your tricky parts dissections and your inspired noodling. We are glad you can take care of our live recording and all those multitrack mixes (they do sound better everytime) those are gonna be great memento when we retire.

We are very proud of you Simon. You are the best Adam Jones we could’ve wished for.

Spiral Out🌀🖤🌀